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rial muscle before opening up to western world; otherw▓ise emphasizing that instead of close-up

opening-up, said Ag

again, taking▓ advantage of globalization would be the only way for▓ developing countries lik

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e Nigeria to achieve their own success stories. He listed livestock, automobile, IT, agric

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strategy of de▓velopment basic science and technology in the country, sai▓d the NIIA expert. Many Chinese companies have entered Nige▓

rian market to exploit business opportunities, especially in manufacturing sector, h

e said. Nigerian fed▓eral government and some state governments have established ▓so

me Free Trade Zones to attract more Chinese invest▓ments in the future. On energy coo

social and economic development with more science and

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technology achievements. Wen made the remark while atten▓ding a meeting Tuesday for both the 14th Con


gress of the▓ Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ninth Congress of the C▓hinese Academy of Engine

tion was not as overwhelming as in nowadays. He regretted that Nigeria lost the opportunity to build up its in▓dust
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